Webinar Recordings

The documents below contain the visual and audio files for all CEFMA webinars.
The webinars are planned by the CEFMA Education Committee and are presented by peers in the industry, as well as various industry experts.

Webinar Date Title Description Presenters
December 2020 Putting the Puzzle Together: Playing Fall & Spring Sports in the Same Semester Turning the calendar to 2021 brings a challenging puzzle to put together - How are our institutions going to play Fall and Spring sports in the same semester? CEFMA presented a discussion with four leaders on how they plan to pull it off. 

Diane Cassimire, Western Illinois

Stephanie Davis, Minnesota

Jon Kasper, Big Sky Conference

Jake Marg, Grand Valley State

October 2020 Return to Play During COVID-19 As the return of Fall sports in 2020 has looked very different from past years, CEFMA chatted with a few leaders in our business regarding recent successes in hosting competitions during the pandemic. From adjustments to facilities management to shifts in game day operations, this session offers tips, guidance and inspiration to members as we all plan events moving forward. Jon Allen, Clemson 

Katie Egloff, Purdue 

Bruce Gregory, Houston

Tim Wise, Miami (FL)
February 2020 Working With Your Marketing Team: Effective Communication Events aren’t successful without great attendance, engaged fans and flawless execution.  It is integral that events & facilities teams and marketing teams across the country operate in tandem to execute a smooth and exciting event.  This webinar discusses effective communication methods to ensure your events go off without a hitch.  The presenters engaged in purposeful conversation about how they have collaborated across departments on their campuses and shared tips for working in partnership to host memorable events. Petey Cautilli, Saint Louis

Carter Henderson, Washington

Melynda Link, Haverford

Kyle Steinacher, Northern Iowa
December 2019 Alcohol Sales and What It Means For Your Department Cheers!  Alcohol sales are becoming commonplace at collegiate athletic events.  What does that mean for your staff and event operations?  This webinar discusses the overall decision making process for alcohol sales at collegiate sporting events and how to prepare your facility to ensure a smooth implementation.  The presenters shared about the alcohol sales process on their campuses and how they worked with both internal and external constituents to execute a successful launch. Cass Ferguson, Charlotte

Donna Morris-Powell, North Carolina A&T State

Scott Sargent, Arkansas
May 2019 How to GET and GIVE the Most at #CEFMA19 If you've asked yourself, "What is my purpose for attending the CEFMA Convention? What should I expect? What should I have with me during the conference?," then this educational webinar is for you.  Seasoned attendees discuss these questions and provide insight on the Convention experience. Michael Turner, Miami

Stephanie Davis, Minnesota
February 2019 Hosting NCAA Championships - Tips & Best Practices

During this webinar, presenters discussed various aspects of hosting NCAA championships on campus sites.  Topics included an overview of NCAA committee work relating to the site selection process, information regarding the NCAA bid system, tips for submitting a successful bid, best practices when preparing to host, and how to successfully host a preliminary round championship site.

Jenny Claypool, Stanford

Kelsey Jones, NCAA
April 2018 Branding Your Facilities: More Than Just a Logo

ICLA Colleagues shared insight, stories and best practices related to the importance of brand identity and consistency, and how facility professionals can work with licensing directors and other brand stakeholders to ensure proper use of organizational marks and logos.

Rachael Bickerton, Boise State

Dale Arens, Iowa
March 2018 Putting the Structure Back in Infrastructure

The content of this webinar centered around accessing and scheduling buildings, both for daily and game day scenarios. Presenters shared best practices for monitoring facilities and building operations, working with campus partnerships on access plans and controlling access to venues, and technology opportunities to assist with access control.

Kelsie Gory, Johns Hopkins

AJ McCabe, Adelphi
December 2017 Doing More With Less

During this webinar, presenters shared some of the intriguing and creative elements that they have been involved with when it comes to implementing high-level event & facility elements under the pressure of limited budgets.  They also shared their expertise on how others in the same situation can proactively assess and evaluate what they’re doing from an operational standpoint to maximize their opportunities.

Stephanie Davis, Minnesota

Josh Munk, Illinois State
April 2017 Requests, Rentals & Resources: How to Effectively Schedule Venue Space

Facility scheduling software can make it easy to schedule and manage any type of meeting, class, special event, practice or competition from a simple team meeting to a complex event requiring room set-up, catering, and clean up. Software makes it faster and easier to book space from your desktop or mobile device, streamline communication with many different departments across campus, and execute flawless events while saving time and money. In this webinar, a leading software producer as well as two collegiate event managers discussed different yet effective ways to schedule their venues.

Greg Smith, Emory

Logan Steinbrink, EMS Software

Ryan Cakerice, Duke
March 2017 Happy Hour: Navigating Alcohol Sales and Service in Your Venues

To sell alcohol or not…that is the question.  This webinar discussed responsible alcohol service at sporting events with input from Sodexo Sports and Leisure, a leading concessionaire provider in the collegiate industry.  Topics included alcohol management plans and strategies, facility requirements, and security enforcement, among other related subjects.

John Bluck, Sodexo

April Messerly, West Virginia University

Cory McCain, Eureka
October 2016 Connecting Communities at Athletic Events (ADA Requirements) This webinar explained requirements of the ADA in relation to events management blended with customer service practices.  Facility and service topics that were explored included accessible parking, paths of travel to events and within the arenas, service animals, proof of disability, effective communication, and seating and companion requirements.  Jim de Jong, Great Plains ADA Center (Mizzou)

Julie Brinkhoff, Great Plains ADA Center (Mizzou)